Tuesday, October 27, 2009


After a few hard weeks of work, our group decided to take some time off...We are at the beach, more specifically in Dominical. I am adding some new pictures with a longer blog to come in the next few days! love you all.

ML and Alex




Setting up for the health clinic we had this past weekend. We had 30 community members show for for massage, accupunture, and blood pressure testing. In the past only 5 or 6 people had shown up. We were very excited. Mastatal is a rural town of a little over 100 people.

Sushi night!

One of ML´s carving projects.

Roasting cocoa at a local chocolate farm. There is a barrel attached to the side of the bike, which rotates over the fire when biking....ingenious!

Salima enjoying the cocoa fruit.

Working in the woodshop.

Chepo! he is kinda a big deal around town...

Poisonous caterpillar that stung alex...its a jungle out here

Hasta luego!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October already....

Hello again!

This is the traditionally the rainest month of the year here. Fortunately we are still here and have not been washed away...yet. I suppose we lucked out because aparently every twenty years there is a drought of sorts and we chose the right year to live in the Costa Rican rainforest. I say drought loosely because we still have to paddle our way (figuratively) from shelter to shelter when it rains, and we are at continuous odds with the encroaching mold attacking our belongings. Our spirits remain high as we bounce between projects and soak up all the new experiences. Days are very busy. During some moments throughout the week when I slow down, I realize that I don't have that much time to think, or reflect I should say. Processing is something we're going to try to focus a little more on in the coming weeks and months. Getting the most out of time here and and taking time to soak it all in is a difficult but much needed balance. Enjoy the new pics...by the way I won a pig leg in a community raffle that we're planning on smoking and making some pulled pork sandwiches. Yum

the Sawatzkys

lazy Sunday

Hike and tour of local organic coffee farm (Jose Luis, the owner is on the left). Mary-Laura might work on his farm for a couple months in February.

Relaxing after a long day's work...

Front porch breakfast and meeting

enjoying the view

Volunteers at the elementary school

Face painting adventure!

Baking day

Digging posts for the new garden fence.

view from our window

Until next time...