Saturday, January 16, 2010

Farm life...

Just a few pictures from the past two weeks:

The restaurant at the farm, where you can fish for talapia for your meal! This restaurant provides an additional income for the family.

One of four talapia ponds.

Baking day. (Amelia the only other volunteer is on the left while Leti and her grandson on the right)

The farm.

The animals. Animal care includes feeding our pigs, chicks, chickens, and cows. Milking, one of my favorite parts of the day, starts at 5:30 am.

Our biodigester. It is used to capture the methane, produced by pig and cow waste, that we in turn use to fuel all of our cooking.

The harvest. To clarify, it is actually the end of the harvest. We processed over 1,000 kilos of coffee.

The coffee. The plants must be stripped of everything in the last harvest, so insects don´t destroy it. We sorted out by hand all of the green fruits that weren´t ready to be processed.

Sorting with Jose Luis.

The peeler.

The unroasted bean.

Raking the sea of beans to dry them out.

Overall it has been an amazing transition. Farm life is much more relaxing and calm. I´ve been taking the extra time to catch my breath and enjoy life.

Hope all is well.