Saturday, November 28, 2009

Closing up ranch life, visa run, and Thanksgiving...

So we are winding down as the internship is coming to an end. Although Alex and I will be here until the end of December, most of the interns will be leaving this upcoming week. Our December will be much more low key, which we are looking forward to. We have been busy finishing up projects as the internship is coming to a close. We were able to take a mini-vacation to beautiful Granada, Nicaragua to renew our visas a week ago. We got back just in time for an amazing homemade Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few more pictures...
An update on our future plans will be coming soon. Love you all.

Can you find Don Mario? He is 57 years old and probably the strongest man I have ever met. In this picture he has just scaled this tree about thirty feet up to harvest oranges. Unbelievable....

An educational mosaic ML has been working on. Depicting the broken cycle of the food and waste systems in developed nations. It still needs to be grouted.

Building walls with wattle and daub. (weaving bamboo, and sealing it with and earth, manure and clay mixture)

Alex and Jr. (brothers and friends from Mastatal)

Mastatal soccer team.

Harvesting cacao.

Cacao harvested. The bounty.

Lindsay, ML and Dalia at the "traveling discoteca". Because we are in such a rural location and there is very little going on.... there are mobile dances where the speakers, music and DJ are set up in the local community center. Over 200 people come from neighboring villages...a fantastic time had by all.

Workin' it. Learning some new moves.

Granada, Nicaragua.

Granada, Nicaragua.

Granada, Nicaragua.

Granada, Nicaragua.

Granada, Nicaragua.

One of three chickens we ate for Thanksgiving.

Alex was on slaughter duty, while I stuck with defeathering...

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